Management and Professional Liability Insurance you can count on.

We help busy professionals discover the right solutions and carriers for your practice. Equinix Professional Risk offers professional liability and risk managment consulting services that deliever strategic value. Our clients tell us that our engagements have delivered more benefits to their practice in just a few days than other brokers have delivered in years.

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    Shanell Windle

    Risk Manager

    Licensed Broker


    Who am I?

    Hey there! My name is Shanell and I am a licensed broker, risk transfer strategy expert, healthcare executive and Founder of Equinix Professional Risk .

    I help legal and medical practices of all sizes manage the complexities of buying insurance adn healthcare's evolving regulatory environment. Let us empower you with forward thinking risk transfer strategies so, you can continue advancing justice, healthcare and patient safety.

    Our clients rely upon our consulting services when they:

    • Want more prespective on the important policy decisions that may have "hidden" impacts
    • Are looking for insurance solutions they trust can to be there when needed. We say why trust when you should know.
    • Unbaised expert guidance and support
    • Access to over 40+ insurance carriers